The intranet dashboard matures

Back in April I wrote about our new information dashboard. The dashboard went live in May, and this summer we have been monitoring usage and fixed some minor bugs.

Our dashboard “Min sida” (My page) version 1.0. The dashboard has global intranet news items, local intranet news items from your own business unit, local news items from your own job role, intranet blog posts you want to follow, intranet forum posts you want to follow, RSS streams you want to follow (any rss from the internet), twitter hash tags you want to follow, Twitter persons you want to follow, Tools you need in your work day (based on who you are), people search (a very basic one).

Now we are in the process of upgrading to version 1.1. We believe in taking small but rapid steps, to start with a few features in the first version and then quickly move on with the development and launch a version 1.1, 1.2 and so on.

September 15 we plan to

  • have online help icons on the page (expand help texts about what each box does and how to control them as a user)
  • show how many comments a news piece/blog post has
  • introduce end user controls for expanding a box in order to show more news/blog items than the preset 5/10
  • improve the overall looks (today we think the page has too much text and to few pictures/graphic objects)
  • create the possibility for the user to upload a picture of oneself, register his/her own status message and see colleagues statuses, se the wireframe mockup below
Top box is your own micro-bio-box where you can set your own status. Next box is where you add colleagues and see what they do.

Update August 16: And some dev screen shots:

Write mode – submit your status.
After you have set your status.

The status update function package will be the big thing in the 1.1 version and—hopefully—a crowd pleaser. 🙂 But we do of course not build functions just for fun – work day status updates is an important first part of a brand new employee DB. More about this later this year.

After launch of the 1.1 version, the dashboard will become the standard start page of the intranet. (Until today the starting page has been “Vår kommun” (our municipality) an old top down solution from the 90s.) A revolution!


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