Building the core intranet templates

Last Friday we ordered the core intranet templates to be installed in the WCMS. A great day and a start of the next stage in the intranet project. Hopefully we will have them up and running by Oct 30. After that we can start produce content for the core structure.

This intranet is about getting the organisation’s mission—providing healthcare—done. The nurses, doctors and the other staff providing healthcare are the most important intranet users. These users are often digitally immature and therefore we need to build an intranet that is easy to use and to have a focus on content helping them in their important work. I think these templates will be a perfect base for this!

In the end, I want every user to say “Yes, the intranet gives me support. Yes, the intranet makes me more efficient.”. Add a question about how many minutes the person thinks he/she saves every day thanks to the intranet and the business case for the intranet is obvious.

Personalised start page

On this page everything is pulled together based on metadata about the user.

Startsida chef

Navigation page


List page


Content page




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