We Need DEX Architects

Intranets are an innovation approximately 20 years old. A “homepage” not for all, but for employees in a company. An intranet manager, with a team, takes care of this product.

Some years ago discussion started about “the digital workplace” – everything work related you reach through a digital device. A digital workplace manager, with a big team, should perhaps look after this multi-product.

The world’s leading intranet expert James Robertson has been talking about DEX – the digital employee experience.

Digital employee experience (#DEX) is the sum total of the digital interactions within the work environment. steptwo.com.au

Who should lead this work?

I think we need a new role – the DEX Architect! It’s a combination of UX Architect skills (read this) and Product manager skills (read this, this and this book). I think we need someone building a job role definition and online courses. And I think we need some kind of certification, think actual diplomas, we could frame and hang on the wall. An evident professionalization of our job.

(Bonus: This way we would start talking IT’s language, and be equals to the Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, Cyber Security Architect and all the other architects.)

The DEX Architect – your certified guarantee the O365 omelette doesn’t occur.


Oh dear. What should I use, when? Was it really right to turn it all on?


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