This is How Our Intranet Helps Health Care Employees in the Fight Against Covid-19

Region Skåne, my organisation, is a health care provider. Right now, the whole organisation is gearing up for the covid-19 pandemic. Today (March 20) the situation is under control. But the hypothesis is that from now on the patient influx will multiply every second day or so. A storm is coming.

What can our intranet do to provide support in this situation?

A lot of information about ongoing preparations needs to be available. Also, the special internal crisis organisation decides on many things; special contagion procedures, alternative logistics routines, etc.

Below you can see a snapshot of our intranet this morning. This is what a nurse, who is also a unit manager, sees. I’ve highlighted covid info. (I have auto-translated the page with Chrome, so some things may look a little funny.)

Directly on the personalized homepage, the intranet provides:

  • Ultra-local covid info within my own unit.
  • General, organisation-wide covid-19 info (special routines etc).
  • Covid news and updates in three flavors; global, my division, and my geo location.
  • Special VIP covid info to managers (you see this info only if you’re a manger).

This content gives a nurse an overview of all available covid information, a day-to-day awareness, and links to more in-depth information. Through web statistics, we can see that the covid content is the most used content every day. All statistics are skyrocketing.

Starting Monday, this will also be available on all devices (yes, also BYOD!), from all places. Really important, since health care staff due to this pandemic want to be prepared before the work day starts.


This is probably the most important days of my life as an intranet manager. I hope that I and my intranet team colleagues, and approximately 100 comms officers throughout the organisation, will be able to continue to deliver what we think is great content and support to the end-users.

Our work will help our doctors, nurses and all other health care staff to focus on what they are employed to do.

To save lives.


Hi-res version.


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