An intranet fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a village. Let’s call the village ”Region Skåne”. mount This village was a very special village, it was specialized in health craft. People in need (the villagers used to call them ”patienti”) travelled from near and far in search of help. The villagers were wise women and men, with extensive knowledge of herbs, potions and cures. Some people thought they practiced magic, but the villagers know there was no wizardry involved. They had learned their craft through a lot of study and practice. 


The village had different guilds. There was the Doc guild. The Nursing guild. The Potions guild and Midwife guild. You could also find the Orderly guild, the PT guild and many other guilds. Although the villages were good at different things, they all had this shared passion for heath craft.

A member of the Nursing guild.

They performed their craft in different infirmaries throughout the village. But they knew it was important to set some standards, and work according to best practice.

Therefore all of them went to the village square every day. The square—which they called ”The I-net”—had a big library focused on heath craft.

It had a city hall where you could read everything about how the village was governed, the village districts and the basic regulating charters.

It had several shops where you could acquire things related to health craft and where you could get work help.

City hall and general health shop.

The square also had special guild houses for some of the guilds, where you as a member could get expert knowledge and insights.

Intranet homepage shop window for the Nursing guild.
Expert knowledge and support inside the guild house.
They even managed to open a special shop for triumphing over a plague that one year descended on the adjacent lands.
The special plague shop window.
And in the middle of the square there was a newsstand where you learned about procedure changes and new findings in the art of health. This was also a place for discussions about health craft.
The newsstand.
The square even had a tree for special placards about temporary problems in the village, personal treasure boxes for the villagers, and effective store rooms for the local heath craft teams.
The special tree where the king´s guards could put announcements.
Personal treasure boxes.
Store room for the local heath craft team

The village square was the heart of the village and the natural starting point for the villagers when they performed their collective craft. And they all lived happily ever after! The end.


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