My name is Jesper Bylund. I’m the intranet manager at Region Skåne, Sweden’s fifth largest employer.

In this blog I write about our intranet, how we develop it and my own ideas about what a good intranet is about. Being an intranet manager is often a lonely job—all comments about what I write about are welcome and will of course be answered by me. Let’s have a virtual gathering of thoughts!

2003-2012 I was intranet manager for City of Malmö’s intranet. Blog posts before 2017 is about my work in that organisation.

You can reach me the old-fashioned way (jesperbylund@me.com) and on Twitter (@jesperby).


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jesper, i’m a intranet consultant and teacher in Italy (i have a blog about it). How can i write you about a proposal? I work for public sector in Itali and i’m belong at a community of innovactors in pubvlic sector. I’d like speak to you. Regards, Giacomo

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