What Your Intranet SEO Specialist Should Do

Search is one of the big ways to get answers on the intranet. Navigation is the other way. Both must work if you want your intranet to be a real efficiency-enchancing bussiness tool.

Therefore, when you have an intranet team with more than one member, you should concider making one member in the team “the SEO specialist”, at least part-time.

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Control the intranet work with this game

When you’re responsible for an intranet, you need to be a product manager. The intranet is a product, and you and the team manage it, so the product delivers today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Ten content commandments for intranet managers

Intranet content requires constant curation. It gives employees in the organization support and enhances efficiency when it’s written in the right way for the right target groups and sorted the right way in the structure. Stop taking care of the content and the intranet starts to deteriorate. Be a caring, loving curator and your intranet will thrive.

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