The power of a hi-fi intranet prototype

Have you been in a project building a new intranet or external homepage?

Often the duration of the project is 20 months, and there is nothing to show to stakeholders and the CEO board the first year. Instead you are forced to speak about theoretical models, vision, structure, a homepage still in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, information governance (the CEO board is totally lost), wireframes (why is it so gray?) and so on. Continue reading “The power of a hi-fi intranet prototype”

The “mobile first” intranet (part 5)

From now on you are Jill D, a newly employed barista at the XCoffee company. The coffee shop is situated at Kings Road and XCoffee has a lot more coffee shops in the whole country.

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Two different kinds of graphic design mindsets competing on the intranet

Did you know there are two different kinds of graphic design mindsets competing on the intranet? Let me call them ”company brand graphic design” and ”graphic user interface design”. Often, an intranet project work with both at the same time, but in my opinion it’s really important to know the difference, and also to decide where on the intranet and in other systems one or the other of the design mindsets should dominate. Continue reading “Two different kinds of graphic design mindsets competing on the intranet”

Supporting managers (and other job roles) on the intranet

One of the things we’ve built on our new Region Skåne intranet is the possibility to target different internal job roles with unique content. This follows the Step Two model for segmentation of local content (content relevant for some, but not all, in the organisation).

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