Level Up Your Intranet Stakeholders

Did you know there are three levels of maturity among intranet stakeholders that provide services and info on the intranet? Let me explain.

Level one is when the stakeholder doesn’t realize at all that information is important.

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What Your Intranet SEO Specialist Should Do

Search is one of the big ways to get answers on the intranet. Navigation is the other way. Both must work if you want your intranet to be a real efficiency-enchancing bussiness tool.

Therefore, when you have an intranet team with more than one member, you should concider making one member in the team “the SEO specialist”, at least part-time.

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Intranet manager, you’re NOT the document manager

You’re the Intranet Manager, so of course you’re also responsible for all the invoices in the organization? Do I hear you say “no”?

But all the contracts of employment – surly that is your responsibility to handle, store, and archive? Again “no”?

We can all see that invoices are the responsibility of the Finance department, within an accounting software tool. And contracts are often stored in a Human Recources Management System and governed by HR specialists. No one would ever ask the Intranet manager to fix this.

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