The first 100 days building a new intranet

3,5 months into the new job as the intranet manager at Region Skåne I’m on an exciting journey. Starting anew has been really fun—it is very satisfying to be able to work again full time with the thing I love the most: Intranets!

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Gearing up for a new job as Intranet Manager

I’m a Christmas lover! Candles, holiday, gifts and food—and our special Swedish Dec 13 tradition Lucia procession, when every parent’s heart is filled with joy.

But this year, I’m also looking forward to Jan 16—because at that time I start my new job as Intranet Manager at Scania Region, Sweden’s fifth largest employer. Scania Region is a government county organization primarily responsible for healthcare in the southmost part of Sweden, where 15% of the Swedes live.

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