Moments of truth—and the relevance of your intranet

Take a long, hard look at this photo. This is the core business in Region Skåne, my organisation.

The patient in the bed (a small child) and this nurse, along with 27,999 additional healthcare staff, is the primary reason why Region Skåne exists. This photo embodies the organisational mission—to treat patients and to save lives.

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This is How Our Intranet Helps Health Care Employees in the Fight Against Covid-19

Region Skåne, my organisation, is a health care provider. Right now, the whole organisation is gearing up for the covid-19 pandemic. Today (March 20) the situation is under control. But the hypothesis is that from now on the patient influx will multiply every second day or so. A storm is coming.

What can our intranet do to provide support in this situation?

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The power of a hi-fi intranet prototype

Have you been in a project building a new intranet or external homepage?

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