Our intranet—more RWD then ever before

Since last time I’ve been promoted to communication channels manager. I have a team of four and our mission is to manage and develop City of Malmös big communication channels: external web, City of Malmös citizen paper (11 issues/year), intranet, and staff magazine (also 11 issues/year). On top of this we will also develop City of Malmös mobile presence. This will be a fun challenge!

One thing we have delivered in Januari is a new look for the intranet and more responsive web design. I will let the screen shots speak for themselves! All 24 in a zip file below, and then some teasers in the blog post.

Today our intrant is RWD in more than half of the tools we use to generate it (WordPress, Mediawiki, Ruby). Still to get RWD are the oldest static pages with left hand navigation, and our forum section (IPboard, or maby we will use the Drupal forum). Hopefully an upgrade of our CMS Sitevision will make some of it RWD after the summer break.

24 screen shots from City of Malmös intranet

Dashboard 1200px.
Dashboard 320px.
News page 1200px.
News page 230px.
Wiki main page 1200px.
Wiki main page 320px.

See all 24 screen shots from City of Malmös intranet


2 thoughts on “Our intranet—more RWD then ever before

  1. Really nice stuff!

    I think you’re at the leading edge of exploring what Responsive Web Design really means for intranets, and everyone I’m sure is learning a lot from your experiences.

    Keep up the great work!

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