This is How Our Intranet Helps Health Care Employees in the Fight Against Covid-19

Region Skåne, my organisation, is a health care provider. Right now, the whole organisation is gearing up for the covid-19 pandemic. Today (March 20) the situation is under control. But the hypothesis is that from now on the patient influx will multiply every second day or so. A storm is coming.

What can our intranet do to provide support in this situation?

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Building the core intranet templates

Last Friday we ordered the core intranet templates to be installed in the WCMS. A great day and a start of the next stage in the intranet project. Hopefully we will have them up and running by Oct 30. After that we can start produce content for the core structure. Continue reading “Building the core intranet templates”

Intranet manager, you have different audiences

I’m pretty convinced the ”I want to kill some time—hey, let’s browse the intranet!”—percentage for intranets is exactly zero-point–zero. Employees in organisations don’t get onto the intranet just because they have some spare time during the work day. Instead they check their personal Facebook or Instagram feeds. Then how should we, intranet managers, act in order to still get some loving from the end users?

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