Our intranet—six guiding principles, pt1

As we develop our intranet, we have six principles that we follow. If we live according to them, we think we are more likely to provide the right content, tools, news items, and services to the organization.

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Our intranet manifesto

In January our new intranet manifesto was approved by the intranet owners. Our intranet manifesto states the direction for the intranet in the coming years. It shows a future state we wish to achieve.

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The glue between the intranet sections

If I’m going to talk about intranets, it is only fair that I start with my own intranet. Personally I like to see lots of screen shots—so I plan to be generous with them myself.

Let’s start with the home page on our intranet. Or, maby I sould say, one of our home pages. (I will explain further down.)

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