Our intranet manifesto

In January our new intranet manifesto was approved by the intranet owners. Our intranet manifesto states the direction for the intranet in the coming years. It shows a future state we wish to achieve.

The intranet manifesto create a consensus on what we want the intranet to be and the realization that we can be something different, better, in the future. The intranet manifesto is created with regard to our current situation, challenges that we see coming and the development work we have already begun.

The different parts in the text have headings, statements about how things should be. Just by reading these you get a good understanding of which way we are striving:

  • Our intranet’s most important person: YOU
  • Our intranet is the starting point of the work day
  • Our intranet supports you and makes you more efficient
  • Our intranet is easy to use
  • Our intranet is the primary internal channel
  • On our intranet “OK” is always OK
  • Our intranet is a two way intranet
  • Our intranet is “for you”, not “from us”
  • Our intranet “just works!”
  • Our intranet helps the City of Malmö achieve its goals

Download the City of Malmös intranet manifesto.*

Now it’s time for the next step. The intranet team (3-4 people) will break down the intranet manifesto to annual plans. Because if we are to achieve the things the manifesto states, we must of course know what to change and improve from year to year.

Our intranet manifesto owes a lot to this article by James Robertson, Step Two Designs. Great insights!

Also, thank you Jane McConnell for discussions about our intranet manifesto—which in the beginning was named “Our intranet vision”. But a vision should be a shorter statement, so hence the name manifesto. Jane made me see the light.

What do you think of the manifesto? Leave a comment below!


*Originally the manifesto is in swedish. I have done a quick translation, so I apologize for any typos. If you are from Sweden, you can download the swedish version here (still called “vision”).


6 thoughts on “Our intranet manifesto

  1. I enjoyed our discussion in the workshop in Stockholm. You made some valuable contributions when we talked about the vision and the objectives. It’s great to see you Manifesto published for all to see. I hope more organizations will follow your example.

  2. @Jane We see too little of intranets. I’m here to reverse that trend. // I really liked the workshop in Stockholm!

  3. Your manifesto is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. The headings sound like what every intranet should be.

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