Our New Intranet Homepage

Next week we will launch the new intranet at Region Skåne. The intranet team is in heaven (and in the next second super scared)!

Below is the final version of the homepage.

Startsida generisk.png

The homepage is personalised. Everything in the main area (a number of boxes/shop windows) is put together based on the end-user’s metadata (unique user id, name, business unit, job role, geography).

The screenshot above is how healthcare staff will see the intranet when opening the browser.


All the usual stuff: Search box (Find a colleague is Top task No 2), Menu button (leads to the footer), Warnings, end-user settings, breadcrumb (not visible on the top homepage).

Personalisation: The search box uses your job role and business unit metadata in order to bring the right search results.

Hi Maria!

Since most of the employees share computers we felt it was important to show just who’s logged in. This greeting is shown on the homepage. (In my opinion it’s also a great solution for what the H1 should be on the homepage!) In this area, the end-user also has options to switch user, run the help wizard and alter the intranet settings.

Box A

The end-user’s list of chosen digital workspaces. (Think MS Teams or a SP site but more simple, a workspace for consuming content, the 30 things the team at a hospital needs again and again.) (The unit digital workspace provides the end-user with 5-10 of the top-20 Top tasks, including the No 1 Top task Healthcare guidelines.)

On the homepage (and again inside the workspace) the end-user can directly see the five latest messages from the unit. (Ultra-local news is Top task No 3.)

(Unit work spaces are actually the most important tool/section on the intranet for bringing the right content and support to healthcare workers!)

Personalisation: This workspaces box uses your business unit metadata in order to show messages from the right unit.

Box B

News in three flavours—global news, news from the subsidiary/business unit, and news about the geographical workplace. (Global news is Top task No 18.)

Personalisation: The news box uses your business unit and geography metadata in order to bring the right news content.

(Actually, this box should be a bit further down on the homepage, according to the Top tasks survey. Second place is a compromise with some vocal stakeholders in the organisation.)

More about top-down, executive content.

Box C

Job role: Manager. This box is on the end-users homepage if s/he is a manger. If s/he is not, the box is not visible. One click “down” from this “shop window” the manager finds 200 pages of expert support in work. (E. g. How to approve an employee’s leave form, How to handle conflicts in the unit, How to lead the yearly employee performance review, How to evolve as a leader…)

We also have the job roles “Communications officer” and a fragment of the job role “HR expert” from the beginning. In the end, in three years time, I hope we will provide 15 job roles with expert content tailored exactly for the different target groups.

Personalisation: The job role box uses your job role metadata in order to show the right box.

More about supporting different audiences in your organisation.

Box D

Here the intranet acts as a dashboard. The box contain a collection of core business system links and information. The end-user can adjust the links, creating his/her own collection of systems. (100 of the top-200 searches on the old intranet are about business systems access.)

The (few) people who need O365 (which we have in the organisation, together with several isolated installations of SP2010 and ’13) can add this tool in the box. It will not be pre-choosen for any employee. This is the ONLY way O365 will be visible on the intranet (no waffle in the left-hand corner on the intranet, it would only confuse the nurses!).

Personalisation: The business systems box uses your business unit metadata in order to show the right base collection of system links.

Box E

Quick links/Favourites. On every content page on the intranet you have a button for adding the page to this box. This box also has some pre-selected, mandatory quick-links (every subsidiary decides for their own employees).

Personalisation: The quick links box uses your business unit metadata in order to show the right mandatory links.

Box F

The Region Skåne future. About next generation healthcare (the organisation has several mega-projects running: New hospitals, new healthcare core system and more). This shop window has it’s own section in the structure. This way we’ll get a focus on this story—and at the same time this content will not disturb the service content in the core sections.

Personalisation: This box is shown to everybody regardless of metadata since the future Region Skåne is something affection us all.


The core sections, the mega menu. (Actually, you could also call this a sitemap.) It’s visible on every page on the intranet. The rest of the top-20 Top tasks reside here (including the long-tail of not so important tasks…).

  • Left hand menu: My employment and Self service.
  • Right hand menu: About the organisation.
  • Middle menu: Giving healthcare. (Strictly speaking not a global content, but since >80% of the employees work within this “business” we’ve put it here.)

And by the way…

  • We’ve gone from 33,000 items (on the old intranet) to circa 500 global pages—and the answers the intranet gives will be infinitely better. In some cases we’ve got rid of 99% of the old content and created the perfect, single page. (Another part, perhaps 1,000-2,000 items of the old content, has been classified as local content and moved into different workspaces and into the DMS (document management system).)
  • 18,000 of the old items was uploaded documents, of little or no use for the end-user. The new intranet has NO uploaded files! All files instead reside in the DMS. When necessary, the intranet links to the right file or group of files in the DMS.
  • We’ve gone from 600 CMS producers to <20 core content producers. This has made it possible to create the right content with a razor-sharp focus on helping the end-users in their daily work.
  • The global structure has been developed with card sorting and tree testing on more than 1,000 end-users.
  • This winter we will enable easy access from outside the firewall (same URL, same username, same password you use at work).
  • The intranet is of course 100% RWD. It’s working in all modern devices and browsers.
  • The homepage is build with “mobile first” in mind. Since we have boxes in ONE column we never get issues about in which order the layout should collapse when we reduce the browser width.

3 thoughts on “Our New Intranet Homepage

  1. Hi Jesper,
    Do you have or will you have Job Roles for Nurses or Doctors ?
    In our case we use 3 metadata for personalisation : Business unit, Geographical Site and Business Line instead of Job Role (Medical, care, medico-tech & therapeutic , Administrative & direction, Logistics & technics).

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